Introducing Techno-Aide's revolutionary FREE Apparel Tracking Software, Apron Hub! 


This web-based inventory management system makes it quick and simple to track protective apparel when and where you need. This free software allows data from any manufacturer/supplier to be tracked and managed. This easy to use portal allows quick an easy customization to meet virtually any need, including custom alerts for inspection dates!

Quickly and conveniently track and review inspection history, locations, and other critical user information through customizable reports. Don't get locked down or locked out of your critical data again. Designed to allow authorized access from anywhere, Apron Hub is here to help make sure that your facility can meet all quality assurance standards to keep technologists and patients safe. With no special software to buy, no special scanning equipment required, Apron Hub is the solution you can't afford to miss.

Designed to work seamlessly with Windows and Apple OS and all mobile browsers, your data is ready and available when you need it most! All Techno-Aide manufactured apparel products feature pre-loaded garment data and serial numbers. Each manufactured apparel items includes a specialty product tag sewn inside of each product with critical data and a quick-scan QR code for instant access in Apron Hub!


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Also make sure to check out our convenient "retro-fit" QR labels and handheld wireless QR scanner. Designed to specifically work with Apron Hub, our quick-scan QR labels feature sequential serial numbers to help organize 'retro-fit' data. Use the portable wireless scanner to quickly scan and upload each unique QR code featuring a pre-loaded serial number. Add these labels to any other manufacturers products to quickly load and track in Apron Hub!


Apron Hub Retro-Fit QR Labels with Serial Numbers

Apron Hub Wireless QR Hand Scanner